Family Grant Program


The Mitochondrial Research Guild is pleased to announce that we are accepting applications for our Family Support Grant Program starting on Monday, January 10, 2022. We will be accepting applications until Monday, February 21 at 5 pm PST. Awards of up to $2,500 will be granted to qualified applicants.  We know that dealing with Mitochondrial disease can be very difficult for families and we hope that these grants make it a little easier for some of the families in our Mito community.  Over the last 6 years, we have awarded 33 grants totaling over $78,000.

The intent of the Mitochondrial Research Guild’s Family Support Grant is to provide supplemental support to families living with mitochondrial disease whose children are treated at Seattle Children’s Hospital. As families with children with mitochondrial disease, we the Mitochondrial Guild, recognize that there are many expenses associated with the care of our children that cannot or would not be fully covered by traditional insurance or more formal systems that cover medical costs.  These may include, but are not limited to, things like vitamins and supplements, feeding supplies, therapies, equipment and travel for medical care. We further recognize that caring for medically complex children takes an emotional and physical toll on caregivers and family members such that while often needed, respite is not available also due to lack of financial resources.



  • Qualifying Criteria: Any family who has a child with established care for the treatment of a mitochondrial disease diagnosis at Seattle Children’s Hospital.
  • Financial Need: Family must have financial needs exacerbated by the child’s illness.
  • Use of funds: Funds may be used to assist the approved families with payment of concrete needs
    [durable medical equipment (DME) respite care, travel] and medically related expenses that align with the current widespread use [vitamins, feeding or othersupplies, therapies, etc] as defined on the Family Grant Program Approved Expense List. The guild can issue payment to a vendor, credit card company, or reimburse families directly (with a paid receipt) for qualifying expenses.
  • Award amount and frequency: Up to $2,500 will be awarded based on need, expenses, and other applications. Awards are subject to the selection committee’s discretion. Priority will be given to families who have not received a previous grant award, but previous recipients are still eligible.
  • Application Deadlines:  5 pm PST Monday, February 21, 2022

Interested families should review the Approved List of Expenses and complete an application during the application period. Any questions and applications should be submitted to Dianne Sabat at We regret we are unable to accept any late applications.



Family Grant Application

Family Grant Program Approved Expenses

The Cure for Mito Family Grant Support Program is a unique program in partnership with Seattle Children’s Hospital, where we are able to provide supplemental support to families living with mitochondrial disease whose children are treated at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Thank you to our generous supporters for making this program possible. Please contact Dianne Sabat at for any questions regarding the grant program.