Local Mitochondrial Disease Publications


This month we are featuring two publications by local authors that focus on Mitochondrial Disease. The first one is a scientific study that was published in the Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Journal in June.  The lead author of this study titled ““Regional metabolic signatures in the Ndufs4(KO) mouse brain implicate defective glutamate/α-ketoglutarate metabolism in mitochondrial disease”  was Dr. Simon C. Johnson, one of our own Mito researchers at Seattle Children’s Research Institute. Other researchers that played a role in this study from our own dream team of Mito specialists here in Seattle included Dr. Ernst-Bernhard Kayser, Dr. Margaret M. Sedensky and Dr. Philip G. Morgan. In addition, other researchers from the Departments of Pathology and Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at the University of Washington and from the Center of Integrative Brain Research at Seattle Children’s Research Institute contributed to this publication.  Congrats to Simon and the rest of the team on this achievement. Our Mito community appreciates all the work being done by our specialists here in Seattle.






The second publication is a book called “Olive” that was also published in June. This book was written by Barbara Braendlein, who is an urban farm wife in the Pacific Northwest and part of our Mito community.  She homeschools her four children, and her stories draw on their experiences living with mitochondrial disease. Her writing looks for joy in the ordinary, for exceptional in the mundane, for voices unheard.  “Olive” is a thoughtful, enchanting look into the mind of a non-verbal, medically fragile girl.  For more information on this book and where you can purchase it please go to Barbara’s website at www.barbarabraendlein.com