Henry just entered 7th Grade.  He amazes and delights us with all that he is experiencing and accomplishing.  Henry is always willing to try new things and regularly teaches us about how to face challenges and persevere with his sunny disposition and his dogged personality.   We relish reports of how he is doing at school and take pride in the new activities he tries to undertake.  Henry is involved in acting, Boy Scouts and school and community orchestras where he plays the cello.    Henry is facing the trials of middle school with continued optimism; we look forward to his more progress as he grows.  We attribute this steady development to his indomitable spirit as well as the great care he receives at Seattle Children’s. 

We first met Dr. Saneto while seeking answers for Henry’s early issues with muscle weakness and gastrointestinal problems.  After diagnosing Henry with a mitochondrial gene defect, he assured us that he would work with us to make sure that Henry meets his fullest potential.  Despite that initial assurance, there have been times over the course of this journey that we didn’t know what that fullest potential would look like or if it could ever truly be realized. 

Often a doctor’s appointment or therapist visit would have us in a “funk” with worry about what the days to come would hold and the unfairness of it all.  But over the course of time we’ve realized that we don’t have the luxury of wallowing in sadness about the hand our boy has been dealt.  And indeed, that is never how Henry approaches his challenges.  While he may not be the fastest runner on the playground or the quickest kid in the gym, Henry has a BIG personality that is energetic and full of optimism.  Because of his great attitude about taking on each new day and the care and encouragement from the doctors at Children’s, we know that Henry does have tremendous potential and that he truly is on the road to reaching it.

We are so thankful to everyone at the guild who has worked so hard to create this community of doctors and families for the benefit of Henry and all Mito kids.

Sam and Jennifer Meyer