Research: Dr. Scott’s research has looked at metabolic patterns in very sick patients. Looking at the clinical sensitivity of different methods and contributing data to cohort studies to describe and characterize rare inborn errors of metabolism. Current research efforts have centered around mitochondrial disease and inborn errors of metabolism that are based in the mitochondria (such as fatty acid oxidation defects). On-going projects include improvement and expansion of the ETC functional assays to minimize the amount of patient tissue required and enable testing in cultured fibroblasts. Also, Dr. Scott is Co-PI on a new project to develop clinical mitochondrial DNA sequencing within the molecular genetics laboratory at Seattle Children’s.

Patient Care: Dr. Scott joined Seattle Children’s in the fall of 2017 and is dedicated to patient care by providing rapid and reliable clinical testing. The field of genetics in growing rapidly with new disorders identified every year. Dr. Scott’s laboratory team hopes to provide patients and families with information needed to find diagnoses and optimize health care.